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Just Half of the UK's Population Own Their Home

Official figures have overstated the amount of home owners in the UK, according to a new research.

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Official figures have overstated the amount of home owners in the UK, according to a new research.

The study compiled by the Resolution Foundation think tank states that, despite official figures claiming that 64% of properties are in possession of owner-occupiers, the actual number of homeowners in the UK is only 51%.


The think tank asserts that counting the number of families that own their properties, rather than the traditional means used for official figures which calculates the proportions of properties owned by an occupier, gives a more accurate picture of the market.


The method used by the government means that properties shared by several unrelated families or adults would count as one rented household – rather than counting each unrelated individual as a separate household.


Additionally, if a property is bought by a family who decides to rent out their spare rooms to 3 unrelated lodgers, the property would count as an owner-occupied household.


According to the Resolution Foundation, this means that many families and adults are not included in the official statistics and that the figures are also underestimating the amount of people residing in the private rented sector.


By defining families as a single adult or couples, along with any dependent children, Resolution Foundation estimates that around 6.3 million families are renting privately – compared to the official 4.9 million households.


Commenting on the study, Lindsay Judge, senior policy analyst at the Resolution Foundation think tank, said:


‘When we look at trends over time, we see that more than double the share of families live in the private rented sector today than did in 1992.’


As the demand for the private rented sector continues to increase, real estate agent Cushman & Wakefield estimates that the rental market will stay resilient and grow faster than the housing market during the next five years.

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