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Renters Prioritise Transport Features in Property Searches

New research reveals which search terms tenants frequently use online when looking for somewhere to rent

'Parking' and 'garage' are the most searched for terms by tenants who are looking for a new rental property

The most popular keywords used in searches by tenants when looking for a new home is 'parking'.

According to Zoopla’s analysis of its own property search tools, another transport-related term, ‘garage’, is the second most searched for term by renters.

Tenants are also increasingly looking for properties that allow ‘pets’, with the keyword rising from 5th in the rankings last year to 3rd this year.

Rounding out the top 5 search terms were ‘furnished’ and ‘garden’, with renters also searching for a ‘balcony’ and a rental home with ‘bills included’.

The term ‘parking’ was the most searched for feature by tenants in every region of England, with the exception of the North East, where ‘garage’ was the most popular keyword.

Luxury search terms including ‘ensuite’ and ‘gym’ appeared frequently in searches by renters in London, although these terms did not appear in the top 10 in any other region.

‘Rural’ and ‘cottage’ were popular keywords in the North East and South West, whilst tenants in the North West prioritised rental properties with a ‘garden’ or ‘balcony’.

A spokesperson for Zoopla said: “Parking and garages were a consistent requirement for tenants across the nation.

“While this may not be the most exciting feature of a home, our research clearly shows that landlords can make their properties much more attractive by creating or enhancing existing parking.”

They concluded: “Whether they re-landscape their garden to include a driveway or apply to drop the kerb outside their house, these changes could pay dividends.”

A similar survey carried out by HomeLet revealed the most desirable nearby amenity tenants look for when searching for a new home is a supermarket.

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