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Outdoor Space is Tenants' Most Wanted Rental Property Feature

Almost half of renters look for a garden, balcony, or terrace and would be deterred by lack of parking spaces

Almost half (40%) of all tenants renting privately in the UK said affordability was their main priority when searching for a new home to rent

Tenants in the UK looking for a new rental home are more concerned with affordability than anything else, a new poll has found.

According to Intus Lettings, more than a third (40%) of respondents to the survey said the cost of renting was their main priority when searching for a home.

By contrast, just 8% considered local amenities, in particular restaurants, shops, and a vibrant nightlife as a key factor.

The survey also found that tenants are increasingly looking for outdoor spaces, with nearly half (46%) stating that their favoured main feature of a rental property is a garden, terrace, or balcony.

This was followed by parking spaces, with 40% saying they would not consider a home to rent if it did not provide one, whilst almost a quarter (24%) claiming they would be deterred by old-fashioned interiors.

The Lettings Manager for Intus Lettings, Hope McKendrick, commented: “Our figures seem to suggest that renters first and foremost seek practicality over certain features which have traditionally been seen as desirable – especially to younger tenants – such as nearby shops and restaurants or a vibrant nightlife.

“With high rental costs across the UK, many young renters may be forced to prioritise a property which works around their budget and daily routine, as tenants flock to homes which provide ample parking or easy access to city centre jobs or studies.”

She concluded: “We’re seeing a clear trend towards a generation of practical renters – those looking for a convenient, modern-feeling home, rather than exciting but potentially costly surroundings.”

Figures from the latest English Housing Survey reveal that 4.5 million households lived in privately rented property across England in 2017-18.

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