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Who is the Right Property Investment Specialist for you?

When looking for a UK property investment, you will find no shortage of companies offering their advice, all with the aim of providing you with the information you need to make the best decision.

Landlord Profit

While this may seem like good news for purchasers or developers, it does present a problem: which property investment specialist will best satisfy your particular requirements?


At PrinvestUK, we believe that we stand out from the crowd.


Our approach makes us a one-stop UK property investment solution, with our property sales division sourcing the very best in UK property investments and our property services division providing acquisitions, consultancy and asset management that enables us to offer you something different.


360° Perspective – Due Diligence


Before we offer any property for sale to purchasers, we research and verify all of the elements we believe are the essential basis for property investment in the UK. Our 360 approach not only ensures that every product we offer has passed our extensive due diligence process, but we then pass our findings on to you. We believe that any information that is required for a property investment to pass our due diligence process should be made available to those who are looking to make a purchase.


We are the only UK property sales agent to offer this information to you, the purchaser, ensuring that we are open and honest with you from start to finish.




As registered members of The Property Ombudsman, PrinvestUK is committed to providing a service that is open and honest at all times. We want you to feel absolutely confident in our service, so we make sure our work is wholly transparent, with all details being disclosed in a clear and upfront way.


Personal Attention


Whether you are looking to make your next property investment or you are entering the market for the first time, our team of property sales consultants will pinpoint the features of each property investment that are most important to each individual purchaser. Each property investment opportunity brings its own unique challenges, which is why we collaborate closely with you to ensure that you find the best opportunity for your needs.


Comprehensive Service


We provide a one-stop UK property investment solution. Being completely independent allows us to provide an across-the-board range of property investment solutions. We are fast, flexible and, no matter what a purchaser requires, we can deliver the required outcome, from products for sale to a fully managed solution.


Unrivalled Talent


PrinvestUK has wide-ranging expertise and years of practical experience available to anyone with an interest in property investment. We also involve our other trusted specialists, such as solicitors, financial advisors, accountants, surveyors and rental agents, to provide clients with the most effective team for their particular needs.

Choosing the best support before making your property investment decisions inevitably involves shopping around to see what help is available to you. You should dig deep and ask questions.


Be prepared with a checklist of issues that are important to you. Maybe you want someone with an insightful awareness of residential properties, or with a detailed knowledge of the local area. And, when you feel you have found a property investment company that seems suitable, ask yourself if there is a natural rapport between the two of you. A mutual affinity is an essential element of any relationship.


And if you are not sure where to start, give PrinvestUK a call on 0800 009 3080.

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