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The property investment market can be a challenging place for any purchaser, whether you are new to investing or have an extensive portfolio. With PrinvestUK's property investment guides, you can discover all of the latest from the property investment world, with in-depth analysis across all of the asset classes and up-to-date statistics on all of the most recent trends.

A Property Investor's Essential Guide to 2019
A Property Investor's Essential Guide to 2019

Having faced the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the market fundamentals of supply and demand continued to provide a stable foundation for future growth. From new regulations to emerging trends, explore what 2019 has in store for the Residential, Student Accommodation, and Care Home markets.

The UK Residential Report 2019
The UK Residential Report 2019

With the UK property market continuing to evolve with the changing political and economic climate, discover how the finalisation of the UK’s Brexit deal, a change in tenant demands, and the rise of commuter living will impact your buy-to-let investments in 2019.

UK Property Investment Guide 2018
A Property Investor's Essential Guide to 2018

As the property market continues to exceed its forecast growth in the wake of Brexit, find out how you can capitalise in the Residential, Student and Care sectors in 2018.

The Student Report 2017
The Student Report 2017

Our latest update on one of the UK’s most popular asset classes – Purpose Built Student Accommodation. Delves into the factors impacting demand, the effect of Brexit and rising investment hotspots.

The Care Home Report 2017
The Care Report 2017

Exploring the fundamentals that have underpinned growth in the UK’s care home market. From favourable demand/supply oscillations to the sector’s trend-dictating benchmarks – discover how you can capitalise on this expanding niche.

The Residential Report 2017

Tackles the shifting status quo of the UK residential property market, as this cornerstone asset class prepares for the future. Offering the analysis on the latest data from the industry, this guide will provide investors with a 360 degree view of the residential property market.

Embracing Brexit

As the media and the markets have reacted to the news of the UK's exit from the European Union, we read between the lines to discover the opportunities that are available for investors and how you can capitalise on this unprecedented political event.

The Student Report 2016

Introducing potential investors to the UK's fastest growing asset class - the student accommodation market. Including the most recently updated industry figures, this guide will help investors obtain a 360 degree view of the student market.

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