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For property investors seeking to capitalise on a changing market, 2018 is set to provide the perfect landscape to acquire assets off the beaten path.

As the regions continue to outperform the traditional growth hotspots of London and the South East, towns and cities such as Sheffield, Huddersfield and Cardiff have emerged as top investment locations for this year.

Attracting investment from around the world and still yet to reach their full potential, these locations are beginning to see sustained growth – ideal for investors aiming to find the best returns in 2018.

Investments in Top UK Locations


With a population of more than 575,000 people, this thriving Northern city has secured a £1bn investment deal with Chinese investors which is set to revolutionise its centre. A planned hub for HS2 and a beneficiary of the Northern Powerhouse Rail project, Sheffield is transforming into a modern metropolis.


Located amidst idyllic countryside, the Yorkshire town of Huddersfield is set to undergo a dramatic transformation. Home to a range of regeneration projects and investment worth in excess of £500 million, the city’s expanding business and higher education sectors are due to see significant growth, boosting this growing town.


Home to the highest rental growth of any UK student city or town for the 2017/18 academic year, with rents rising by 5.8%, the city has a student population of more than 42,000 across four universities, including Russell Group member Cardiff University, with demand for accommodation continuing to grow.


Standing at the forefront of the UK’s technological advancement, Sunderland is one of the country’s fastest growing digital hubs, culminating in the creation of the £300m International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP). With tech jobs growing by 49% between 2011 and 2015, the city’s student population has swelled to more than 18,000.

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